Greg Ostrum loses 45 pounds and finds a new lifestyle at FFR!

Greg Ostrum loses 45 pounds and finds a new lifestyle at FFR!

Greg Ostrum turned 40 on January 30. He is the Assistant Chief of Jenks Fire Rescue and started Fit First Responders on February 14, 2016. His Valentine Anniversary is soon…great Valentine present to himself!

Greg’s favorite aspect of FFR is the passion of the coaches and the selfless pouring out of their knowledge and caring into each class. He explains, “They know when to push and when to encourage. I always leave class better then when I arrived. Also the way that everyone pushes, challenges and cares for each other. Agencies, jobs or cities don’t matter, all one team when walking through the door of the gym.”

FFR is now a lifestyle for Greg. He is still changing and growing in all areas of his life. He says, “If I miss a day, I can notice the difference in my performance at work and at home. Now I strive to be an example at the gym. I want to see others have the same success that I have had.”

Greg is down 45 pounds and just had his uniform shirts fitted. They took six inches off the sides through the waist. He is down two pant sizes and is lifting more weight than he has ever before in his life. He says, “At 40, I have never been healthier than I am right now!”

The number one change Greg has seen in his life since starting FFR is Confidence. He explains, “I have confidence that I can perform any job that is thrown at me, physically or mentally. I can lead more confidently as I have a clearer understanding of who I am, not only as a firefighter, but as a person.”

Greg shares other benefits he has found: “The habits that I have developed at FFR are benefiting my family as well. They are (usually) willing and excited to try new recipes that I bring home, and the quality of every meal has improved. The once common run to McDonalds for dinner is now an extremely rare occurrence.”

Greg shares his thoughts on starting FFR: “Starting FFR was the hardest thing I have ever done. I was 6 months removed from surgical repair of a broken ankle due to an off work injury. I was out of shape and overweight, struggling to restart some sort of fitness program on my own. As Assistant Chief, I was not being a positive example to my firefighters. When I heard about FFR, I was mostly concerned with how I would be viewed, more worried about what people would think than what I needed to accomplish. I finally humbled myself and went to my first class. The support from day 1 was amazing. All of my concern was unfounded, and I felt encouraged on the journey I was starting. To anyone considering starting FFR, my encouragement for you is to just do it. We are here for you and want to support and encourage you and help you to WIN. And once you start, go all in. The program works. You just have to work it.”

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    "If you want to WIN more in life you are in the right place my friend! I am blessed and privileged everyday to help people WIN more in life.

    I got my start as the youngest Director of Strength & Conditioning at the Division I level at Oral Roberts University and have been blessed to COACH professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and WNBA through Dynamic Sports Development. As an ENTREPRENEUR I then started Bootcamp Tulsa to help women WIN in their Fitness, Nutrition & in Life. On a daily basis I now run our Non-Profit, 501 (c) (3), Fit First Responders serving those that serve us everyday, our Police Officers, Firefighters, Medics and national Guard.

    If I'm not helping people WIN through my Performance Coaching you will find me motivating people on stage through my MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING in churches, companies, universities and athletic organizations. I even took some of that motivation and combined it with a winning game plan to author a few books. I love helping people WIN but there is nothing I'm more passionate about then being a FATHER to my beautiful daughter and a HUSBAND to my hot wife."

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