Heather and David Weakley just can’t get enough of the positive that comes from FFR/DSD!

Nov 4, 2015 | #Athletics, #Blog, #Homepage

Heather Weakley (age 32) and David Weakley (age 34) met each other when they started the Tulsa Police Academy in 2005. They were married in 2007 and have one son, Brock. They are both Corporals with the Tulsa Police Department. Heather is a member of the Incident Management Team, and David is a member of the Special Operations Team.

Heather and David both started training at Dynamic Sports Development approximately 2 ½ years ago with Heather actually starting a few more months before David. They became a part of the Fit First Responders program when it began this past May.

Their favorite aspect of DSD is that they get to do this together. They are each other’s support system and encourage each other during the time spent training, all while continuing on building the teamwork aspect of their relationship. In their words, “We use each other as a source of encouragement and motivation not only in the gym, but in our life. This is not only just for us as a married couple, but for our son. We want to be good role models for him and teach him the importance and values of living a healthy and active lifestyle and the positive impact it can have on him.”

They love seeing the results on others as well as themselves. They say, “Seeing someone who is new come into the program and get out of their comfort zone and push it to the limits and achieve life-changing results is extremely motivating. We just can’t get enough of the positive that comes from FFR.”

As for what keeps them coming back, they say, “Our bodies, minds and relationship have never been healthier! The friendships, support, encouragement and positive atmosphere keep us addicted.” They say everything in their lives is just better. Professionally speaking, their jobs are very physically demanding, and if they don’t take care of their minds and bodies, they do a disservice to the people that count on them.

Heather and David have both always been actively involved in fitness and have been a part of many different training programs and facilities. They say, “While all were great programs, we felt that the DSD and staff best suited our needs and helped produce better results.” Aside from both losing weight, David says he is seeing comparative results and strength numbers that he did when playing college football. He hasn’t seen those since stepping off the field. Heather said she is now stronger, faster, and more agile than she’s ever been, even after going through a pregnancy and major shoulder surgery.

Asked what FFR has done to change their lives, they respond, “Plain and simple….we are just better versions of ourselves at home and on the job because of the program.” FFR has given them a lot more energy. They are up and playing with their son more, and it has decreased their work stress. If they are having a rough day because of work, they go to the gym. They say, “The gym helps us deal with our stresses in a healthy way. “

Their advice for someone thinking about starting FFR: “Leading a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically is contagious! Become that leader and spread it around and let others see it. Don’t let physical limitations or negative incidents dictate how you live your life. If you want to make that change or transformation, you have to put forth the effort. Here at FFR, you will have every opportunity and resource available to make the change.”

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