Jamie Calkins has been blessed by the accountability, encouragement and spiritual aspect of BcT!

Jamie Calkins has been blessed by the accountability, encouragement and spiritual aspect of BcT!

Jamie Calkins is a 31 year old and works in Marketing/Communications for OSU Medical Center. She has been a part of Bootcamp Tulsa for a year, joining last year during the Change a Life.

Competitiveness is Jamie’s favorite aspect of BcT. She explains, “Not saying that BCT is competitive, but I am a competitive person so I find myself constantly saying to myself, ‘If she can do it, I can too!’ Coaches are what make BCT unique. “

Jamie keeps coming back to BcT because of the way she feels when she is finished with her workout and all of the ladies are pushing one another to be their best.

It has been great to tone/tighten up her body again and to gain muscle back even though Jamie thinks she still has a ways to go! She adds, “One thing I am lacking is being strict with my nutrition, BcT provides that support and that is my next step in achieving my goals.”

Jamie finds by doing her workouts in the morning she has more energy during the day, and it has forced her to go to bed around the same time at night. She says, “It is something I look forward to, and if I decide to sleep in, I regret it.”

Jamie shares her thoughts on joining BcT: “I was one of those people that worked out daily. I actually don’t ever remember not working out and also played sports when I was younger. I ate reasonably well, and looked fine even after my first kid. I then got pregnant with twins and working out during pregnancy became something my body didn’t agree with and I had to ‘take it easy’. I have pretty common obstacles for my daily workouts: I work full time, have 3 little kids, a husband who works long hours and because of all that, time is limited. I found myself after my second pregnancy not having the time for even evening workouts, but yet I was craving to get back in the gym, but wouldn’t do it because of the mom guilt. It had been about a year and a half since I had worked out when a friend from church invited me to BcT. Immediately I said yes because the workouts were in the morning and my kids would be sleeping! I was hooked on the first day. I started going 3 days a week and didn’t miss a beat at all during Change a Life in September. I now go 4-5 mornings a week and pick up a Strong Women workout one evening a week.

Jamie advises if you are considering BcT: “Do not be scared, do not hesitate and to come WIN with a group of ladies that are of all different fitness levels and ages. You won’t get any kind of workout like BcT. Having been working out in gyms my whole life and even taking fitness classes at those gyms, this is like no other. The accountability and encouragement from everyone along with the spiritual aspect is something I have truly been blessed with.

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