Jarrod Hart healthier lifestyle is leading his family to a healthier lifestyle!

Sep 9, 2015 | #Athletics, #Blog, #Homepage

Jarrod Hart is a 39 year old Sergeant with the Tulsa Police Department. He has been with FFR since it began.

His favorite aspect of Fit First Responders is the coaches but also the camaraderie of the guys and girls that you workout with. He likes the people and the positive attitudes of everyone pushing one another to be the best that each one can be.

Since starting FFR Jarrod has been excited about the overall change in the way he feels and has also lost a few inches around his midsection. He says, “Every day I feel I learn more and more about the way I should and should not eat.”

FFR has given Jarrod a greater knowledge of a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle has not only helped him, but by making the change his family has started to follow his lead and have started to live healthier lifestyles.

Jarrod says, “ I am a better role model for my family. I am leading my kids down a healthier path that has taken me years to get on to. My kids see it working for me and are starting to want to do the things I am doing. Also my energy level is way better allowing me to have better quality time with my family.”

Jarrod would advise others to stick right to the words Coach JC has said since he met him. He stated everyone has a reason why or what they want or need. Jarrod say, “For me I believe in leading by example. My son was born with a heart defect. GOD has handled this but I needed to do my part. Also my daughter has an autoimmune deficiency disorder meaning her immune system is not as strong as it should be. And recently my wife has been diagnosed with POTS. So for me it wasn’t just about me.

Working out and living a healthier live would lead to Jarrod’s family living a healthier life. He believes in leading by example. He has never asked or pushed his family to take the steps he has taken, but yet they see the success he is having and are starting to take the same steps. His daughter and son have both taken the attitude that a healthier lifestyle will help them be better athletes along with helping their bodies. His son and daughter are both beating their illnesses and becoming strong healthy kids. They are now helping other kids on their teams. He adds, “My reason is to be a good example for my family and lead my kids down the right path. It’s amazing how a positive healthy lifestyle rubs off.”

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