Jeff Whitfield lost 80 pounds and found amazing motivation and support at FFR!

Apr 26, 2017 | #Athletics, #Blog, #Homepage

Jeff Whitfield is 41 years old and is a Deputy Sheriff. He has been apart of Fit Fist Responders since October 2016.

Jeff’s favorite aspect of FFR: “The whole program works. My favorite part is the motivation and support system in place with the coaches and other first responders in the program. It’s what I like to call my Motivational Fitness Family.”

The camaraderie and support of everyone are what keep Jeff coming back to FFR as well as the amazing weight loss he has seen through his time at FFT. He adds, “I have never heard or experienced a single instance of negative or degrading treatment from any coaches or other first responders. FFR builds each other up and lifts and supports us when we fall or fail.  FFR is a family.”

Jeff has seen friends he has known for years and others he has just known for a few months transform not only physically with weight loss and strength building, but also emotionally and spiritually to be better co-workers, parents, husbands and wives. He explains, “ Their families truly benefit from the effects of what FFR can do for them both inside and outside the gym. I personally as of this writing have lost over 80 pounds since Halloween 2016 and am stronger and able to lift a considerable more amount of weight. My cardio endurance has improved beyond my ability to express in words.”

Jeff shares how FFR has changed his life: “FFR has given me my life back along with a family of friends who motivate and inspire me to be my father’s son again. That kid who started his law enforcement career way back in 1993 is looking back at me in the mirror again. My relationship with my family and friends has improved SO much. My personal relationship with myself has changed to the point where I’m not ashamed of myself and my story of how I got here. I thank God for FFR and the men and women here. It has saved my life and the prospect of health issues leading to an early death from being obese and all the health compilations and emotional pitfalls that go with being in a dark place in my life where I hated what and who I had descended into before I came to FFR.”

He continues, “I love myself again and if my story can help even one single person struggling in life with depression, PTSD, physical limitations or injury and beyond, I’ll gladly tell it with tears of joy. I know FFR can bring health and wellness improvement, pride and self worth back to someone who was broken and extremely depressed all while being physically inactive and in deteriorating health. I was that someone once and I have had an amazing physical, emotional and spiritual healing over the past 25 weeks. I believe the mighty hand of God is in this program and is guiding it’s future as this program expands so it can help First Responders around the world both through the Tulsa location and

Beyond the physical benefits, Jeff shares his other results: “The emotional and spiritual healing and awaking I have experienced has improved my health on all fronts. I’m able to do more things because I have been transformed and empowered to want to help others. I try everyday to give back however I can not match the motivation and support that I feel I have received. The blessing in that is the more I give trying to match what I feel I have received the more and more blessings. Support, motivation and inspiration continue to come into my life. For the first time in my life I truly understand and believe that it is greater to give than receive. I know what FFR has done for me. Now I can’t wait and I strive daily to see what FFR can do through me as I endeavor to give back more than I have received from this amazing program.

Jeff was 444 pounds when he started FFR on Halloween 2016 and he was out of shape both physically emotionally and spiritually to the point he was on a collision course if something didn’t change in his life with tragedy in so many aspects of my life. He says, “The coaches modified exercises for me and even though my ability to perform physically in workouts was at a very low level they helped and motivated me just like they do for the men and women who are or could be calendar models of fitness. I was able to start small and I have seen tremendous gains and growth in all aspects of my well-being and longevity. It doesn’t matter how old, out of shape, what past injuries, healthy or the portrait of physical health that you are, FFR has something for everyone. Every first responder can benefit in one if not multiple ways from this program. The daily exercise and nutritional program here can improve your health and wellness. The FFR motivational fitness family will change your LIFE.” 

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