Jennie Teeter is now confident and likes the person in the mirror…inside and out!

Dec 21, 2016 | #Athletics, #Blog, #Homepage

Jennie Teeter was really struggling in July of 2013 when she turned forty. It was harder to keep weight off and with running kids from here to there, she lost her focus on her fitness. She said, “Rough as it was, I pulled it together and accepted age is just a number. So began my transformation….”

Jennie tells her story on video…..

Jennie lost close to 20 pounds and began lifting weights at the fire station. She was always intimidated at the gym because she wasn’t really ever sure where to start. Even though she wasn’t able to lift as much as the males, she thought working out is something she must do to make herself a better firefighter. Her body began to start changing, and she was feeling better about her aging body.

Jennie adds, “In 2015 I had another mental struggle in my life. Now I am back on track spiritually and mentally. I have found a new dedicated me at home and at work. I had gotten into a rut and just needed a wakeup call. I feel like God blessed me yet again with an awesome program to continue my journey to health and wellness. I needed a coach and an accountability to kick start a new way to healthier living. I want to be here for my husband, kids and crew I work with at the Tulsa Fire Department.”

Jennie began her journey with Fit First Responders feeling blessed with an opportunity to better herself. In the beginning it was to lose weight and gain strength and conditioning. She then said,
“In reality this program has blessed me on so many more levels…my marriage, my parenting skills, not to mention my physical and emotional state. My spiritual being has also been blessed by the coaches and fellow FFR family. The entire program has helped me to Step It Up in Life. I am more confident with myself and like the person I see looking back at me in the mirror both inside and out!”

In the beginning Jennie was mentally depressed about her roles she had been in as a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. She had checked out of life. She was literally functioning day by day. She explains, “FFR gave me a reason to get up and focus on myself, a task I have never done. This seemed very selfish at first but it became apparent to me that to be the best wife, mother and firefighter I had to take time to get healthy mentally, physically and spiritually.”

Jennie began to follow the coaches’ advice and put it into action. She began to see changes almost instantly, and so did family and co-workers. This made her push herself even harder. She developed a bone spur on her right heel part way through the program, but she was encouraged to stay the course and finish. She had to modify a few things along the way but she says it has been well worth it for the results she has obtained. Jennie explains, “Like Coach JC says ‘If you want something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done.’ This was the mindset that kept me pushing myself. I lost a total of 14 pounds, 8.5% body fat and 25 inches and gained muscle to top it all off. I also began to feel like my life was worth something.”

Encouragement from other fit first participants made Jennie want to do better not only as an individual, but as a group. She says, “We have formed friendships for life and know that Police, Fire and EMSA can depend on each other. We have become stronger together and that has blessed every Fit First participant.”

Jennie’s favorite part about this program beyond feeling healthier, mentally, physically and spiritually are the friendships she has formed with other FFR participants. She says the coaches are amazing and keep it real. She loves the whole fit for duty, fit for life approach. Focus, Fitness, Food, Family and then they added Faith because without these pillars we fail in life. Jennie says, “This program has been life changing for me. If I want something I’ve never had I now know I have to do something I’ve never done to make it happen. I now am a stronger person that can tackle any dream I can dream. I love my FFR family and plan on participating for life.”

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