Jennifer May shares why she added Strong Women to her BcT workouts!

Oct 19, 2016 | #Blog, #Fitness, #Homepage

Jennifer May now shares why she chose to add Strong Women to her Bootcamp Tulsa workouts:

Back when my kids were little, I was surprisingly dedicated to lifting weights as part of my quest to stay in shape. And, despite of not having a lifting partner, I was very consistent at hitting the gym. Working without a partner had its good and bad points. The time I got at the gym was my time. I didn’t have to talk. I didn’t have to answer questions. I didn’t have to get anyone a glass of juice. I could listen to the music of my choosing and let my mind wander. My work out was totally a one-size-fits-all one — the one the gym provides everyone. The results were just OK.

Nothing can ever stay the same, though. The kids grew and got more active. Work responsibilities changed as I got promoted, changed employers, got promoted again. Slowly, my hitting the gym on a regular basis was a thing of the past. The kids being active in sports year round and working like a crazy woman at work was my excuse. And, since I worked out alone, there wasn’t anyone to call me out for not showing up.

Next thing you know, it’s 2015! The kids are grown and now I am going to sporting events for my grandkids!!

In 2015, Fit First Responders kicks off and my husband, Stan May, is in the first class. I hear all about it — the coaches, the work-outs, the camaraderie it’s forming. Impressed I wanted to experience this too. In December 2015, my daughter, Hannah, and I attended out first Boot Camp. And, we were hooked! Coach Isaac is definitely gifted and has found his calling! He has an amazing way of pushing every woman in his class to do her very best and to be her very best.

Through Boot Camp, I heard about the Strong Women program. Unfortunately, my going was not a possibility as the class met at noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Just going to the class and getting back to work was a huge obstacle. And, I knew client lunches and lunch meetings would not allow my attendance to be consistent. Yet, I never quit trying to find a way to make it work. I was so thrilled when the PM Strong Women program was added in March 2016. Woo-Hoo!! Sign me up!!

The combination of Strong Women and Boot Camp is amazing! Both programs compliment each other perfectly with strength training in Strong Women and cardio and tons of conditioning in Boot Camp. I didn’t necessarily come to Strong Women or Boot Camp Tulsa to lose weight. My goal was to get leaner and more defined. I did not want to be that fat grandma! No way!! I am a Glam-ma! Plus, I’m that girlie-girl who also rides a Harley. Call it vain, but I did not want to have flabby arms flapping in the wind!!

The women at both programs are the best! These women are so different from each other. And, they are all so strong in different ways. They lift each other up spiritually and mentally. I truly believe being around them makes me a much better person. I am so blessed to be friends with them! I am double blessed as my daughter, Hannah, joins me at both programs.

Being a part of Strong Women and Boot Camp Tulsa is amazing! I encourage any woman considering Strong Women to just do it! Jump in with both feet!! You’ll only wish you had done it sooner!!

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