Jennifer May was hooked on BcT by the end of the first class!

Sep 21, 2016 | #Blog, #Fitness, #Homepage

Jennifer May is 49 years old….doesn’t feel it or act it or look it…and cannot figure out how she got to this age! She is an AVP at The Trust Company of Oklahoma and serves as a Trust Administrator. Her husband Stan was a participant in the very first Fit First Responders class. He told her about the coaches, the workouts and the camaraderie that was forming between him and his classmates. Jennifer wanted to experience this too!

Jennifer was a little hesitant – what if she couldn’t keep up? Is it going to take up too much time? What if she doesn’t fit in? After a little arm-twisting by Coach JC, she attended her first Bootcamp Tulsa class in December 2015 with her daughter Hannah. And she says, “WOWEE!! All the worries and hesitation disappeared in the warmup. By the end of the class, we were hooked! Coach Isaac is definitely gifted and has found his calling! He has an amazing way of pushing every woman in his class to do her very best and to be her very best.”

As for Jennifer’s favorite aspects of BcT, she says “There are so many awesome aspects of BcT! How is a girl to pick her favorite one? 🙂 The coaches, the women, the workouts, the motivation and inspiration, the nutrition help — each on their own merit is awesome! It’s hard to pick just one as my favorite as I love all aspects of BcT!”

Jennifer shares, “ I have three (3) children — Michael (29), Hannah (22) and Noah (21). Hannah attends Boot Camp and Strong Women with me. Sharing the time and the experience with her is the best. Being somewhat competitive has only pushed both of us to work harder. Our relationship was close prior to Bootcamp, but the bond has gotten even stronger. I would encourage mommas to bring their daughters and daughters to bring their daughters. It’s definitely a good thing!”

She adds, “The environment is like no other I’ve ever experienced. It’s so positive, motivating and challenging. It hits the target — physically, mentally and spiritually — every time! It truly inspires me to be the best I can be for myself, my family and my friends. Prior to joining Bootcamp Tulsa, I was active and working out on my own — running, biking, P90X, Insanity, etc. Although I knew it was important to stay active, it was so difficult to stay inspired and motivated on my own. There were times I did not have the desire to do my workout. Not having a partner made it difficult to be consistent with my workouts. And, I am pretty sure I didn’t push myself as hard as I should have. Things totally changed with Bootcamp. I can honestly say I have never dreaded going to class. In fact, I’m disappointed if I can’t go! Seeing my Bootcamp Buddies and my coach has become such an important piece of my life as I consider them family!”

Jennifer keeps coming back because of that moment – the one at the end of a tough workout – when the Bootcampers grab hands and pray it out. She adds, “That is really special to me. We don’t care about sweaty hands! We came. We pushed one another and we grinded through to the end together. For an hour, we’ve lifted one another up. Then, together we lift our hearts in prayer to our Father and his son, Jesus, together. It is that brings me back time after time! There are tons of places and programs in the Tulsa area to go and get a good work out. The major difference between those places and BcT is the people and the relationships! Everyone does an amazing job welcoming and encouraging new Bootcampers. The atmosphere is always a positive as there is no room for negativity. Not only do you want yourself to excel and succeed, you want the other women around you to excel and succeed. The motivation and encouragement found in BcT flows into all other areas of your life. It’s truly addicting!”

The results Jennifer has seen are physically, mentally and spiritually. She feels more fit, stronger and healthier than ever. Because of this, she is more condiment in herself and her abilities. She is more focused on her priorities and less on the junk that just doesn’t matter. She explains, “The combination of confidence and focus is helping me be the best version of me I can be at home and at work.”

As for how Bootcamp has changed Jennifer’s life, she shares:
“I so regret not taking “before” pics when I first began Bootcamp. I didn’t want to see what the pictures showed. And, I most definitely didn’t want anyone else to see them!! I did have my body fat measured mid-March. At this time, I had been going to Bootcamp for about a month and a half. I had also just started Strong Women. I had another measurement done on August 10th . WOO-HOO! Body Fat is down about 4% since March!! Now I wish I would have just sucked it up and taken “before” pics & had my body fat measured on Day 1.”

How has Bootcamp changed Jennifer’s life: “My eating habits have totally changed! Totally!! I can’t say my eating habits were the worst, but I certainly can’t say they were the best!! I was skipping meals, not eating enough veggies or protein, not consistent on taking my “insurance” and, worst of all, drinking diet Pepsi by the truckloads!! TRUCKLOADS!! My eating habits are way better! I feel better! My skin looks better! Eating right makes everything better!! As I do all the grocery shopping, my husband eating habits have changed too. Best of all, I no longer drink any diet pop!! My last diet Pepsi was in early April!! Best of all, I’m not missing them at all!”

In addition, Bootcamp has given Jennifer more energy. She was never a night owl and always a morning person. She says she still feels the most creative in the morning but that her energy level is constant all day and into the evening.

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