Joe Alcott was an FFR finalist and dropped 10% body fat!

Aug 23, 2017 | #Athletics, #Blog, #Homepage

Joe Alcott will be 35 next month and is the Munitions Flight Superintendent of the Oklahoma Air National Guard. Joe’s life before FFR was pretty standard, just going through the motions. He was doing okay physically but his annual fit test scores were slowly declining. He shares, “ I convinced myself that is just what happens when you get older.”

Joe shares his story on video:https:

Spiritually Joe was going to church on regular basis but was getting in a rut just going through the motions. He was still growing, just at a slower pace.

Physically Joe has lost no weight at all, but his body fat percentage dropped 10%. Joe shares, “That is huge!!!!! I could not believe the physical transformation I saw from the before and after photos.”

Spiritually Joe learned a valuable lesson: “You have to push yourself spiritually like you do physically to see change in your life.”

Joe is excited about the changes that FFR has made in his life. He says, “Small changes in the course directed my life in a totally new direction. It’s like a big ship on the ocean, you make a 1 degree change and it seems insignificant, but later your course is miles different than you would have been.”

FFR has made Joe a more positive supervisor. One thing Coach JC told them was “Have a negativity detox. Remove the negativity for this week and see the difference it makes.” Joe was surprised how negative he had become when he purposely stayed positive even when he wanted to be negative. He adds, “That small correction helped me be a happier and better supervisor. As side effect of that was I noticed others in my work area started to be a little more positive.”

Joe plans to continue to go to FFR not only to change his life, but to pour himself into others. He wants to keep others accountable and to encourage them all while others are doing the same for him. He concludes, “You might not know it but someone may be looking up to you silently. You can change someone’s life without you ever knowing it. This program has been a life changer and a second family!

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