5 Ways To Feel Like a Boss and WIN.

5 Ways To Feel Like a Boss and WIN.

Like a BOSS!

Tonight I was coaching  a session of varsity athletes out at Dynamic Sports Development, Tulsa’s #1 serious training facility for serious athletes…

I took a moment to glance around the facility just to observe…

The other coaches, coaching so passionately and ALL IN to helping these athletes WIN.

The athletes training and grinding it out every rep of every set and ALL IN to WINNING as an athlete.

The grown men putting work in to be the BEST STRONG man that they can be.

One of our very own USA Marines who makes it a point, whenever he is home, to stay sharp and fit and always ready.

It was one of those moments that we have all had and have occasionally…

When you feel like a BOSS! ( You know that’s a term used today to describe someone that is WINNING)

You know, the one when you just observe the situation and think about those 2 things…

1. How blessed you are! I felt so blessed to be able to do what I love to do and help others WIN.

2. The responsibility that you have!  I felt the deep commitment and the deep responsibility that I have to these athletes and men of all ages that want to WIN and entrust myself and my team to help them do just that.

That’s what a BOSS feels like!

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.10.37 PM

I stood there for a second (which seemed like 5 minutes) and just felt so blessed to be able to have that responsibility in my life to help so many other people WIN.

That is WINNING to me!

So, today no matter where you’re at in life I want you to feel that feeling in your own life.

To feel like a BOSS!

boss like

I didn’t always feel like that…

But I do remember the time when I started to feel like that.

It was when I started to believe I could feel that way.

When I started to believe I could feel like a BOSS.

So today I want to give you my “5 Ways To Feel Like a Boss and WIN!”

Are you WINNING?

Are you living the life that you desire and deserve?

Do you want to make more money?

Do you wish you had better relationships?

Do you want to perform better and get more out of life?

Do you want to be a great athlete?

You want to feel like a BOSS and WIN more…THINK BIGGER!

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.11.34 PM

I’m keeping this post short and sweet…

You want more out of life?

STOP complicating  it…


Feel like a BOSS by thinking like a BOSS…


So today I’m going to give you 5 things you can do immediately to Feel Like a Boss and WIN.

1. Believe You Can WIN!

Start to believe that what you desire you can have and you will start to find ways make it happen and attract that thing. Believing in something without wavering will do radical things in your life. The key is WITHOUT WAVERING! What are you believing for?

Action Step:

Starting today eliminate the following from your thinking and your mouth:

“I cant”, “It wont work”, “Impossible”


2. How Can I Do Better?

What can you do better than you are doing now? Be REAL with yourself!  So many times we say we want something but our actions just aren’t lining up with what we say we want. If your going to do it, do it ALL IN or don’t do it at all. So many times we question if we can really win and this wavering is what prevents us from giving it all we go to make it happen.

Action Step:

Ask yourself, “How can I do better?” Ask yourself this enough and you will begin to find those ways to do better!


3. How Can I Do More?

STOP  limiting yourself!

Do more! Whatever you’re doing…just kick it up a little… do a little more. Make one more call to close the deal! Exercise one more day a week to lose the weight. Get up one hour earlier to WIN.  What you choose to do today will determine your tomorrow.

Action Step:

Ask yourself each day, “How can I do more?” Watch what happens!


4. Get a Little Uncomfortable

So many people are stuck. Stuck in what they have been doing because its comfortable.  Start to be open to new ideas. Test it…Try it…Start to experiment by getting out of your comfort zone! Take a risk and get a little uncomfortable. 

Action Step:

Try something new that makes you a little uncomfortable today!


5. Ask and Listen

Start to ask the people that are around you, that are WINNING, “How”, “When, and “What”. Stop doing all the talking and take the time to listen and learn. Ask and then shut up! There are so many people with crazy wisdom out there…seek them out and ask and listen!  You will be rattled by how bigger you start to think when you hear and see how the people that are WINNING think and act.

WINNERS Ask and Listen!

Losers just Talk!

Action Step:

Start to listen more and ask questions so that you can learn from those people that have had success in those areas that you want success in.

Utilize these 5 Things You Can Do Immediately to Feel Like a Boss, Think Like a Boss and Act Like a Boss!




Coach JC


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