Lily Close is strong and has muscles….and she likes it!

Jun 10, 2015 | #Blog, #Fitness, #Homepage

Lily Close is 52 years old and works as a cashier/stocker for Tuesday Morning. She joined Bootcamp Tulsa in July of 2014. It was the day after her 52nd birthday….what a birthday present!

Lily loves everything about BcT. She loves how the coaches walk you through everything, even nutrition. She says they demonstrate how to do the exercise, and if you can’t do it, the coach will modify it until you can do it correctly. She says, “I love that the coaches are genuine. They seem happy to be there, and they want to help the women. They are not just there for a paycheck, but they really care about our fitness and it shows. Plus the results are real! I am living proof of that. She says that you just ”gotta” do what the coaches tell you to do. She says that is what we pay them for: To tell us what to do!

The results are what keep Lily coming back, but she says the girls (and Justin) do too. She goes to Bixby and says it is like one big happy family of sisters out to do the same thing. She says, “ We encourage each other, cry together, celebrate our victories, no matter how small they are. Plus we pray for each other and our coaches. It’s a great atmosphere.”

Lilly has lost a lot of weight and inches, but the greatest result for her is that she is strong and has muscles. She says, “Yea! I like it!”

Bootcamp has changed Lily’s life by giving her more confidence. She says, “I feel I can do anything. (Well, almost anything!)” In the past, she hated going clothes shopping. She would never try anything on because of the size she had to carry into the dressing room. She was more comfortable taking the item home and returning it if it didn’t fit. Crazy!

She says she has always hated sleep and for her that is still the same, but she definitely has more energy. She says she has so much more energy now that she wishes she could do a workout seven days a week. She also eats better, and because of that, she feels better.

Lily decided to kick it up even more and became part of our DSD STRONGwomen group out at Dynamic Sports Development. The combination of Bootcamp Tulsa and DSD STRONGwomen has provided Lily with the right tools and coaching to WIN more in her Fitness, Nutrition & In Life!

Her advise for someone thinking about Bootcamp is to try it for a week. She says you have to really try it and not just do it knowing it is going to end soon. She says, “Try it like ‘all or none’….go all in! The pain of doing it is temporary, but the pain of not trying lasts so much longer. Remember, time passes whether you are doing something or you’re not.”

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