Lisa FitzGerald wouldn’t trade her FFR Tribe for anything!

Apr 19, 2017 | #Athletics, #Fitness, #Homepage

Lisa FitzGerald is 35 years old and has been a Medic with Emergency Medical Services Authority for eight years. She has been a part of Fit First responders since November of 2015.

Lisa has been in the emergency medical field for 12 years. Four of those years were spent in the Emergency Room, and the past eight at EMSA. In her 12 years of experience responding with other agencies, she says, “This program has literally been the tie that binds. Never before FFR, have I seen such camaraderie between agencies. This is the type of program we have looked for to unify departments for years. I have made several intra-agency friends through this program. Seeing other FFR members on scene and being able to know they have your back makes such a difference in our community. I love it. Not only are the physical benefits rewarding, I am forever in debt for the impact on all our first responders who have taken advantage of this program. The coaches who have dedicated countless hours both inside the gym and outside to us are priceless! “

Lisa’s peers are what keep her coming back to FFR. She commonly refers to them as her tribe. She says, “I love these people! I wouldn’t trade it for the world!”

The results for Lisa have been not only physical changes, but when she started FFR, she was in a place of depression, confusion, and essentially stuck in the every day grind of work. She is a single mother of three. She shares, “ As of last month, I have been taken COMPLETELY off all anti depressants and my Doctor told me last week she could kiss my coaches for such a positive life change.”

The other life changing thing that happened to Lisa at FFR is that she says thanks to FFR, she met the love of her life! She shares, “Matt Johnson, Tulsa County Sheriff Office, and I became sole mates thanks to this program. What better way to meet someone who is goal oriented, focused on God, friendship and community! We owe it all to that gym!

Beating depression one foot at a time, the gym freed Lisa from the shackles of medication. She explains, “My focus and determination has increased and my spiritual walk has exploded 10 fold. My girls and I are back in church regularly! My kids are more motivated and health driven because it all trickles down!”

Lisa concludes, “If you are ready for a life changer, a game changer, something that will not only inspire but encourage and strengthen your life, take that first step. You won’t find more family oriented, encouragement and love anywhere else! I guarantee it. I’ll refund your first month if you don’t agree. In fact I will sponsor your first month. I am a believer! Fit for duty and fit for life!

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