Liz Egan says the changes FFR brought to her life were lifesaving for her!

Nov 25, 2015 | #Athletics, #Blog, #Homepage

Liz Egan is a 57 year old veteran of the Tulsa Police Department, currently assigned to the Sex Crimes Unit. Liz finished the Fit First Responders in the top 15 at the conclusion of the 25 week program.

Here is a video of Liz’s FFR experience:

Liz says that there were several equally favorite and important facets as a member of FFR. She says, “The enthusiasm of the coaching staff was very important because they had faith in me even when I did not. I always felt like I mattered to the coaches. Their attentiveness in providing the correct exercise form and movements, I have no doubt, prevented me from having injuries. That this program focuses on high intensity interval training really worked for me in dropping my weight and building muscle. This was unlike any program I had ever tried but the amazing results were unlike any results I had ever achieved. I never tire or grow bored of FFR because the programs are different every day. I always felt like I was learning something new about exercising and what my body could do and achieve. The nutritional expertise provided was a totally new concept for me and it absolutely worked and was very doable. FFR gave me all the tools and information to be successful and all I needed to provide was the commitment.”

For Liz, the fellowship and comradery that developed between herself and other first responders was paramount because they also encouraged her when she did not think she could take another step and or lift another weight. She explains, “Being amongst peers enabled me to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of and encouraging others to do the same.”

The physical results for Liz include a weight loss, as of the first of November, 40 lbs., 11 inches off my waist, 12 inches from my hips, and 37.3 of Body Fat Mass lost. She no longer suffer from hyper-tension or acid reflux and has been off medications for these three months after starting FFR. She says, “The body is a remarkable thing. Mentally, much like physically, I have more energy. There is an improved clarity and mental focus. I am certainly more positive about myself and this is projected in my interpersonal relationships with others. Since starting FFR, I have had more than one person tell me that I seem happier and more confident. It’s true, I actually walk with my head up and shoulders back, with an air of confidence. I am able to contribute more to my community through my volunteer work with shelter dogs because I have the increased energy and motivation to do so.”

When asked how she feels about the changes FFR made in her life, Liz responds, “The changes that FFR made in me were absolutely a life saver, and I am not using this term lightly. I was on a downward spiral in my life. I was dying a slow death from years of weight gain and the maladies that accompany being obese. What FFR has done for me is given my life back on so many levels. God placed FFR in my path at a time when I did not think I mattered to anyone. I mattered to God and this program and the results it made in my life is evidence of His love. I will continue to rely in his strength for all things that I do.”

Liz shares how FFR has changed her work life: “The confidence gained from being stronger and healthier has had impacts in the way I interrogate suspects and interview victims of sexual assaults. Having the mental clarity and focus during sex crimes investigations is crucial from the beginning of stages of collecting evidence at a crime scene through testifying in court. I also know that I can be an effective backer to my fellow officers and perform my duties as the citizens of Tulsa expect. I also am acutely aware that if I am on scene with a fellow first responder, I know they have my back and I have theirs.”

Liz’s plan going forward is to continue with her weight loss and gain more strength and endurance. She wants to encourage other first responders to participate in FFR and its challenges. She is hoping that her story and results will be an inspiration and encourage others to take the challenge with FFR. She wants to be one of the “OG” mentors in FFR that provide the positive reinforcement to new members to keep on their path of a healthy and fit life, just like the OG’s before her. She adds, “So my words to those contemplating the commitment to take the challenge through Fit First Responders is, “If not….WIN!!!”

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