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If you read my blog you know I’m always talking about WINNING and WINNING ALL DAY!

I truly believe that you can WIN and should WIN!

You should EXPECT to WIN every time!

You were born a WINNER and DESERVE to WIN!

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You’ll never believe how many emails and messages I get from people every single day dogging me for always talking about WINNING.

A few weeks back one of my team members was on the phone with a prospect that was going to bring me into speak at their church…

It was all good until they watched one of my videos…

They decided it was not best to bring me in to speak…

Guess why?

Because  in my video I said EVERYONE deserves to WIN…I believe you should WIN!

They proceeded to try to educate my team member on why everyone shouldn’t win and doesn’t need to win.



Keep losing?!

Til the day I drop I will continue to tell you that you should be WINNING! and WINNING ALL DAY!

Last time I checked you were bought with a price and the book that I read says that “I have come that you should have life and have it to the fullest!”

Why settle?

Why be average?

Why live a mediocre life?




Every single minute you live you should choose to WIN and know that you are worth it!

Right now, you should make a freakin list of those things that you will WIN in starting today.

WINNING is a state of mind!

A state of mind that you choose to bring so that each day you can WIN THE DAY by being THE BEST you can can be…

So that when you lay your head on the pillow at night you can ask yourself one simple question, “Did I WIN today?”

Winning is about you living up to your God given talent and having the peace of mind that TODAY I was my BEST!

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So today for all the people that hate to talk about WINNING I’m actually gonna talk to you about losing.

That’s right…

Let’s talk about losing!

Why do people lose?


You can do anything you set your mind to my friend!

You can also choose not to do anything you set your mind to not do!

So many people just stand there and accept losing…accept failure…accept average…


Losing is a NOT one time defeat…

Losing is NOT placing second…

Losing happens when one decision or loss leads to another… and when over time you get stuck in the mindset of  average, complacency, mediocre…

Losing is a mindset!

We all are going to fall short, we all are going to fall and make decisions that aren’t the best for us to WIN… but when this becomes ok that is when losing kicks in.

I can tell you what it feels like to lose because I’ve been there before!

Like being stabbed… like suffocating… like being punched in the face…

The feeling of wanting something you just can’t get or have…

When it’s bad it’s bad… losing is awful…ONLY IF YOU ALLOW IT TO BE!

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Losing is not an option unless you allow it to be!

Yesterday is over … it’s another day today!

No matter what the score looked like yesterday you can play a new game today!

So if you were born a WINNER and you deserve to WIN the BIG question is…

So why do people continue to lose?



So many times we blame the things, the people and the situations in our life for why we are losing. STOP!

Starting today take ownership for where you’re at and where you will be. You can no longer blame anyone else if you are going to choose to WIN.

Your choices got you here and your choices will determine your tomorrow. Excuse makers allow each day to be mediocre…just go through the motions… and then try to justify it… The boss, the economy, the wether, the mom, the wife/husband…

Not you and not any longer!

Take ownership for your choices starting today! Whatever area in your life you have been making excuses in I want for you to STOP today and do one thing…


Replace those excuses starting today. Replace them with THE REASON YOU CAN and WILL do it and ONE ACTION STEP today that will empower you.

You’ve been trying to lose weight but the excuses have kept you bound… Get up right now! Determine THE REASON behind why you have to lose weight and do something about it..TAKE ACTION! Take a walk, go hire a coach, pop in that DVD, clean out tour fridge from all that junk food. Stop whining and start WINNING today.

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As a society… especially as men we have become weak… Straight up Soft!

Listen… life is life… and life will hit you and knock you upside down… sometimes when y0u least expect it. The people that lose are the ones that are not ready, not prepared when life hits.

Don’t wait until it hits and not be ready…

Just like you train you body you can train to be STRONG mentally, spiritually, emotionally and relationally.

What are you doing every single day to build the STRONGEST you?

Starting today make time to train yourself to WIN in these 4 areas:


Start to utilize my “LAW OF WINNING” and just do one small thing to grow in each of these areas each day. COMMIT and be ALL IN and become STRONG so that you can WIN more in life!

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So many times in life we allow a circumstance to stop us and get us stuck…

I made a killer blog post on this and how to breakthrough being stuck in life.

If you missed it here ya go…



4. CONFUSED (about jumping all in)

So many times we question  decisions in our life… and we question them over and over… and because of this we never jump ALL IN!

I’m an ALL IN kind of guy and starting today you need to be ALL IN.

So I’m going to ask you a bold question…


So many times in life what we want and what we need are 2 different things…

You have to be on guard and be careful that you don’t lose what is most important to you because of what you want at the moment.


Sometimes we get confused because we get seduces into believing a new story and believing this something is what we need rather then just a desire… We start to allow it to consume us and eventually it takes over our life… and bad choice after bad choice starts to control our life.


It’s easy to be confused… life will throw things your way that can rattle your current story… and over time we lose that connection to what is most important….

We start believing that this new story is more important…

That this new story is and can be so great…

Listen, I love you and I’m not hear just to tell you what you want to hear but rather what you need to hear!

The truth will piss you off and I’m ok with that because I need for you to WIN and you need for you to WIN!


What do you value most in life?

When we don’t know the answer to this we make bad choice after bad choice…

and one day we may just wake up and ask,  “How did it end up like this?”

and then you look back mad as hell by the decisions you made.

Once you determine what you need then you can jump ALL IN!

Confusion is controlled by fear!

The fear of what every one else will think….

The fear of failing…

The fear of success…

The fear of missing out…

The fear of believing that something can really feel and be that great…

So many of us have settled for so long that we are confused of what we really need.

Is what you really need what you currently have? Maybe it is right in front of you!

Then stop being distracted, stop questioning if there is something better and JUMP ALL IN!

If what you need is still out there then set the confusion aside, cast the fear down, throw the worry off and  go  JUMP ALL IN!

Here is one simple question for you to ask yourself right now…


Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 6.12.53 AM

You have what it takes!

Losing is not who you are my friend so starting today make the decision that you will believe that you are a WINNER and deserve to WIN!

You are worth it!

Losing is not an option unless you give it power in your life!

If you believe you are going to lose…chances are you will lose!

Starting today you will develop the NO LOSING mentality!

Give yourself permission to lose…it’s life… but don’t allow losing to become who you are….a recurring behavior or mentality in your life.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 5.50.53 AM

Starting today train your thinking to believe what you need to believe so that you can WIN more in life!

Do you want to change your losing mindset to a WINNING Mindset or You want to WIN more in life and Lose more in your weight loss pick up a copy of my book “The Secret to Real Weight Loss Success” and be on your way to WINNING in fitness, nutrition and in life!

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