Marcus King physical results at FFR blew him away!

Jul 19, 2017 | #Athletics, #Blog, #Homepage

Marcus King is 39 years old and is a firefighter/paramedic at the Broken Arrow Fire Department. He was one of the top finishers in the 25 Week Challenge at Fit First Responders.

Marcus has always had what he called a fairly normal life. He has always been active whether it was his job or his free time away from work. He has always been a big believer in exercise and does not remember the last time he did not have a gym membership. As far as diet goes, he never tried to lose weight and was more interested in getting strong. He explains, “I pretty much ate how I wanted. My saying was, ‘I workout so I can eat what I want.’ But in reality I wasn’t always consistent at going to the gym and was consistently gaining weight.”

My physical results at the Fit First Responders Challenge blew me away. Marcus says, “Going into the challenge I never imagined I was going to succeed. I just joined FFR the same time the challenge was starting. Now I can see a huge improvement in my lung capacity. I’m able to run faster, go harder in strength and conditioning workouts, while still maintaining most of my strength. “

Marcus mentally feels better about himself and looks in the mirror and is happy with what he sees. He shares, “I have more self confidence, especially when out at pools. But then there’s a small part of me that thinks people might think I’m showing off if I take my shirt off, which is ridiculous I know. Now my wife has joined Bootcamp Tulsa and that has given us the ability to hold each other accountable in all aspects!”

Marcus shares his story:

Marcus says, “I absolutely love the changes FFR has made in my life. There once was a time when the thought of not eating carbs at every meal was unimaginable. I remember having thoughts about it because I would notice some people doing it. I was like, ‘Yeah right, no way I could ever do that!’ Now that I’ve been doing the 10% rule, carbs are easy to pass up, and I don’t feel bloated after eating.”

As far as work goes, Marcus is able to work in fire conditions longer due to his increased lung capacity. He adds, “The guys at the station have benefited from my diet because they cater to what I eat.”

Marcus’ plan going forward is to stay consistent…not falling back into the old habits. He says, “I’m almost OCD when it comes to my weight, I weigh myself too often. I have a small amount of anxiety about gaining my weight back which I think drives me to stay the course. My plan is to worry about me and my family. Staying healthy as a family is a must. This is not a diet I’m on. It’s a lifestyle and staying focused is a must.”

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