Michelle Lowry’s true gift from BcT is the family she inherited!

Oct 12, 2016 | #Blog, #Fitness, #Homepage

Michelle Lowry is 48 years old and a mother of two mini-redheads. She works for one of the District Attorney’s in the state as his Public Information Officer, Victim Services Coordinator, Grant Writer and Manager, and handles the office website and a few other duties. So Michelle has lots of free time and energy. Here is her confession: She has BcT regrets!!!!

Michelle joined BcT almost a year ago. Her first BcT regret is that she didn’t join YEARS ago. She means the day Coach JC opened the doors. She always thought her friend Diane White was crazy for working out at 5:15 am and happily posting about it by 6:16 am. Michelle says, “Now I cannot imagine any better way to begin the day. Coach Isaac has a way of pushing us until we think we might throw up, quit, or both but instead we go farther and harder than we thought we could. I’m focused and on-track, ready to tackle the day with a smile and I want to keep my nutrition straight because after a BcT workout I don’t want to go and ruin all the hard work!”

The beginning: “When I started (the very last Change a Life date possible last September) I could not do a single “big girl” push-up, and I was always bringing up the rear any time there was running involved. I’m not setting any land-speed records but I can basically keep up with a big smile on my face and dozens of push-ups are now possible. I remember visiting a location other than my Midtown Lovelies home and we were running sprints and one of the other ladies said ‘You’re one of those people who just loves running, aren’t you, just look at that smile!’ I said ‘No actually I HATE running.’ And another lady yelled ‘You fake it until you make it girl!’ All the laughing at BcT is my favorite ab workout of all.”

Michelle’s second BcT regret is that she didn’t go to the very first nutrition class she could have attended with Jodi. She shares her thoughts, “What did I need a nutrition class for? I’d been successfully getting my food from my hand to my mouth for decades! Through improving my nutrition I realized I’d been starving myself into a puffy, bloated, body situation. I was already eating lots of veggies and drinking lots of water but I was getting less than 25% of the lean protein I need.”

The third BcT regret is that Michelle did not tap into the truly life-changing relationship with my sweat sisters and Coach more quickly. She adds, “I appreciated ending things in prayer. I appreciate a group of women who truly never judge a sister….only support and cheer her every victory; large and small. A Coach who goes way out of his way to push, correct form, or send a quick message to say ‘You rocked it today!”’ Just at the moment I’d be thinking ‘Well I’m never going to do THAT, again!”

As for results, Michelle is stronger, leaner, faster and most importantly far more blessed than she was at this time one year ago. The true gift received by joining BcT is the family she inherited. She says, “They’re always there for me with a smile, a hug, a prayer or a fairly primal scream that keeps me moving! And I’m motivated to be there for each member of the family before, during and after the workout. Zero judgment, 100% support… with the all-important secret ingredient of keeping each other accountable every step, every push-up, every squat and every burpee along the way.”

Michelle shares, “I’ve always thought it was a nice little quote that it’s not the destination it’s the journey. Since joining BcT I truly get that quote right down to my soul because I pray this journey with Coach and my Lovelies never ends!”

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