No Excuses for Lexie Beyer

Nov 26, 2014 | #Blog, #Fitness, #Homepage

NO EXCUSE NOVEMBER Bootcamp Tulsa spotlight is on South Tulsa Rockstar Lexie Beyer. Lexie could easily fall into the excuse:

“I’m too tired after a long day at work.”

Lexie is a post trauma nurse and works a 12-hour night shift getting off work at 7:00 AM. She stalls a while, or runs an errand or two until the 9:00 AM Bootcamp starts. She could have easily stopped at a gym right after work and been back in bed an hour before our workout even started! So why not just do that? Why not get a couple extra hours of sleep and avoid sitting in your car just waiting for some bootcamp workout? The answer is easy for Lexie, “It is not just a workout!”

“People think I am crazy for going to workout after a shift.” said Lexie. After years of playing college basketball while attending nursing school, she learned how to not let being stressed or tired keep you from doing the things you need to do to make you better.

“I love that it is like the team atmosphere that I used to have in basketball. There is always someone pushing me harder. I was almost a year out of basketball when I started. I was trying to keep active and went to the gym a lot, but I never felt the same. I was getting really bored. I go after work because the NO EXCUSE attitude was engraved in me a long time ago from a former coach.” Lexie said. “I’m addicted to it for sure!”

Lexie is 24 and has been at Bootcamp Tulsa for almost two years now. It is so fun to watch her work ethic and to try and keep up with her. She pushes everyone around her to go further. Last year she won the all location Bootcamp Tulsa overall Rockstar Challenge. Her strength and determination in that event was awesome to witness. Those who get to workout with her daily get to see that same drive, day in and day out.

Lexie says she loves being a part of the Bootcamp Tulsa team and that there is nothing out there like it. She is a staple at every workout and does not miss a session. She did miss last October when she got married, but we will let her slide on that one.

We are fortunate to have Lexie as yet another example of a NO EXCUSE attitude that pushes each of us to do the same.

Great to have you at Bootcamp Tulsa, Lexie!

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