Patrick McLean is creating a healthy spiritual life for his family.

Patrick McLean is creating a healthy spiritual life for his family.

Patrick McLean is a 47 year old Tulsa Police Officer and has been a part of Fit First Responders since May of 2015.

Patrick’s favorite part of FFR are the coaches because of the positive message they have and the vision they have for the program. The new family he has as an FFR member and the new goals he has as a result of being a part of FFR are what keep him coming back.

As for results, Patrick says, “ I feel stronger and have more endurance because of the program.” FFR has changed his life in that he now has a plan to take control of his life spiritually, mentally and physically.

Patrick plans to start a new Bible study with the family. He just got the material in the mail and will start this week. He says, “As the spiritual leader in my household, I plan to succeed creating a healthy spiritual life for my family.”

Words of advice from Patrick for someone considering starting FFR: “If you are ready to make a positive change in your life, FFR can help you develop a plan for you to succeed and support you in doing it. As Coach says, If you want something you never had, you got to do something you have never done!

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