Sarah Kepple takes time for herself at Bootcamp Tulsa!

Nov 16, 2016 | #Blog, #Fitness, #Homepage

Sarah Keppel is 41 years old and is a stay-at-home mom that is homeschooling her 11 year old son.

Sarah has been a part of Bootcamp Tulsa for four years. She only came to BcT because her dear friend of 20 years, Jodi, invited her. She explains why she first came, “Jodi invited and I wanted to spend more time with her, so I came to BcT to do just that.”

It is hard for Sarah to pinpoint one thing that she likes about BcT. Coming only to see Jodi, Sarah quickly found herself benefitting and her health better and her body more toned than ever. With Coach JC’s 10 habits she has learned how to eat better. So she started out just wanting to hang out with Jodi but met a lot of great people along the way.

Sarah keeps coming back because she now actually likes workout and the benefits that come with it. She did not begin BcT for the benefits, but now after four years she loves working out and becoming healthier.

Being a size 2 when she began BcT, weight loss was not her goal. Her weight has really not changed, but she can see more definition and muscle.

As for how it has changed Sarah’s life, she says, “I just see a healthier me now. I am more conscious of what I put in my mouth. I know more now than I ever knew about food. I am just more educated.”

Sarah has an autistic son with a list of things to deal with and really not a good outlet for her. BcT is a place she can go and do something for herself. She says, “I can take a deep breath, and (as Coach JC’s says) leave my 99 problems at the car door. Then I am prepared to go back home to real life and real situations.”

Sarah shares her advice for someone thinking about BcT, “Girls always think they are too busy and just don’t have time. If they will just make time for themselves they will be able to see how much they can benefit from BcT. The girls at BcT are just wonderful. I have three or four teachers in my group alone that have offered to help me if I need it homeschooling. The group of girls that you connect with is why BcT is something special.”

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