Shawn Caudle says the competition at FFR is Friendly but Serious!

May 24, 2017 | #Athletics, #Blog, #Homepage

Shawn Caudle is 23 years old and is an Army Guard/Construction (working on getting on at Skiatook or Claremore Police Department.) He has been a part of Fit First Responders for a little over three months.

Shawn’s favorite aspect of FFR is that he loves the competition between everyone at FFR. He says, “It is friendly but serious! Nothing beats the atmosphere of FFR.”

What keeps Shawn coming back to FFR is his life and the lives of others. He explains, “If I am not prepared when the time comes, I have let myself down and even worse my partner or partners.”

Shawn has lost 27 pounds since starting FFR and took his bench up from 225 X 2 up to 245 X 8. His deadlift has gone from 315 X 3 up to 405 X 5.

Shawn shares how FFR has changed his life: “ I didn’t realize how stuck in the day to day life I was. I was like a robot. NOW since starting FFR, EVERYRHING is different. My Wife is getting back into the gym as well after seeing me stay dedicated to FFR EVERY morning Monday through Friday!”

As for benefits beyond physical, Shawn says, “YES!!!! I have SOOOO much more energy that it is unreal. Sometimes I think my wife believes something is wrong with me. HA! I sleep SOOOOO much better at night, not waking up constantly and uncomfortable as well as when I wake up, I am wide awake and have no need for coffee or energy drinks!”

Shawn’s advice if considering FFR is: “Yes. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! You won’t regret it at all! The change it will make in your life is something you never realized was possible. You become closer with other first responders, and you compete not only with others but most importantly yourself! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do this!!! I wish it was mandatory for all First Responders. This really does make a HUGE difference!!!

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