Sheena Kernes found support for nutrition, motivation, and accountability at BcT!

Apr 12, 2017 | #Blog, #Fitness, #Homepage

Sheena Kernes is 34 years old and is a stay at home mother/student. She just graduated this week with her Bachelors degree and will be going into her Masters Degree. She has been a part of Bootcamp Tulsa since the Change a Life campaign in September. She was invited by her great friend Tiffani Wyke.

Sheena’s favorite aspect of BcT is that it is more than just a gym or a workout group. It is a family of support for nutrition, motivation, and accountability.

The people are what keep Sheena coming back to BcT. She explains, “The coaches truly have everyone’s best interest at heart. The BcT ladies are like a family of no other. It does not matter what skill I am at in the workout, I am not judged just to give it my all and be the BEST me I can be. If I have to modify a specific move then that is alright, eventually I will get to the point where that is not needed. “

Sheena has see terrific results between her body and her conditioning of workout. As for inches lost, she has lost over a total of 5.5 inches. She says, “The muscle gain is phenomenal, just in my legs alone I gained .75″ in my thigh and .50″ in my calf. I have not stepped on a scale since I know that muscle weighs more than fat. I have been afraid of discouraging myself. In my workouts I have noticed that I no longer have to modify all the moves as I have before. I can now jump rope, do jumping jacks, and many other moves.”

Sheena shares how BcT has changed her life: “I have started to notice I have more awareness of myself. I am a stronger speaker in public because I have gained self-confidence and as well as self worth throughout my relationships within BcT.”

As for physical benefits, Sheena has noticed that she does not have a problem sleeping throughout the night or falling asleep quickly. Her energy level is up, and she is more in tune with her body. She shares, “I have a condition call Raynaud’s and this year since working out I have been less affected by my symptoms.”

Sheena’s advice if you are considering BcT: “If you feel like you just do not think you can do it, give it a try because you are worth it. You need an hour a day for you and what is better than spending that hour with a great group of people while working on yourself inside and out!”

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