Stacey Gray has improved her body….but also her mind and soul!

Jun 17, 2015 | #Blog, #Fitness, #Homepage

Stacey Gray is a 42 year old Human Resources Project Coordinator and has been a part of Bootcamp Tulsa for 2 ½ years, starting in October 2012 at our Broken Arrow location. She says, “My friend invited me to go numerous times but I kept declining as “bootcamp” was something I had never done before and thought I wouldn’t like it – – I was wrong!”

Because of the BcT experience, Stacey says she truly enjoys working out and looks forward to it. She likes being outside, doing a variety of exercises (her favorites are the bodybuilder and the iso-squat hold!), the camaraderie between everyone and the encouragement she receives from the other ladies and coaches. She says, “You feel empowered! Thanks to the BA ladies that motivate me, and Coach Mark that pushes me harder than I ever would working out by myself. You don’t get that going to a conventional gym. “

Stacey keeps coming back to BcT because she is blessed to not have any major health issues so she works out to stay healthy. She knows she is doing something good for her/her body and she is making herself better/healthier for her family! She says “The workouts are intense, but the atmosphere is always fun! Also knowing that I am part of team who believes in me and when I find it hard or challenging during a workout, I’m empowered by my coach and the other ladies to do ‘one more rep’. “ Stacey has a gym membership; however she finds herself joining another BcT location for an extra workout versus going there.

Stacey says she is still a work in progress but she has started to really see results once she stopped complicating her food. With going to BcT 3 – 4 times a week and eating right, she started losing weight and building muscle tone. At one point she was down to a weight she was in her 20’s and down 2….almost 3 sizes! She is a newlywed marrying in December and is proud to say she looked great in her strapless dress! She says, “I am also stronger……I can do “a few” push-ups (no knees on the ground!) and pull-ups! I couldn’t do those when I first started! ☺

Stacey is stronger and has improved muscle tone. She feels empowered in all areas of her life and has committed to an overall healthier lifestyle including eating right due to BcT! She truly looks forward to working out even though it is at 5:15 AM in the morning! She is also amazed at the things she can accomplish working out with the BA ladies under the direction of Coach Mark. She says, “It’s exciting to see your body change and to know you are getting healthier and getting stronger because you can now do certain exercises that were not so easy at first. There’s a true sense of accomplishment!”

The benefits for Stacey are sleeping better, definitely having more energy, and overall being more confident. She is more active outside of BcT and says BcT has improved not only her body but her mind and soul as well.

Her advice: “You don’t get the atmosphere at a conventional gym as you do at BCT. The camaraderie and motivation you get from the coaches and other ladies is top notch. It doesn’t matter what location you go to, you are welcomed and encouraged. It’s definitely tough the first couple weeks but if you keep going back and stay committed, you will see results! It is worth the effort! I’m proud to be part of the BcT family!”

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