Steve Rhodes is motivated by FFR to be the “Best Version of Me!”

Sep 16, 2015 | #Athletics, #Blog, #Homepage

Steve Rhodes is a 44 year-old Firefighter and celebrated his 20-year anniversary on September 1 with the Tulsa Fire Department. He has been a part of Fit First Responders since it began.

Steve’s favorite aspect of FFR is the camaraderie and the fact that he is getting to know fellow first responders from the Tulsa Police, Broken Arrow Police, EMSA and Tulsa Firefighters that are new or ones that he may not see because they are in a different area of town. Another aspect he likes is the coaches’ genuine interest in making him better physically and mentally. He says, “Their dedication is very evident when they are demonstrating exercises as well as when they are coaching us on the mental side (goal setting and staying focused.)”

One factor that keeps Steve coming back to FFR is his commitment to finish something when he starts it, but there are things that will keep him coming back after the 25 week challenge and the contest are over. He explains, “The fact that I see positive results every week (sometimes these are positive mental results). There are also the friendships that I have made with the coaches and the fellow first responders that I enjoy when we meet.”

Steve has seen his cardio improve dramatically. He has seen some muscle development and believes he is stronger today than when he started. On the nutrition side of things, Steve has definitely seen a shift in his focus of what to eat and what to avoid.

FFR has brought Steve’s fitness to the forefront. After a knee injury three years ago, he stopped running and had seen a gradual decline in his overall fitness. Part of FFR encourages you to set goals and to prioritize things in your life, and this has been great for Steve. He says, “I really have bought into the fact that goals have to be set to hold yourself accountable and to give yourself direction in what you are doing.”

Steve says, “FFR has brought a renewed interest in setting goals, focusing on my nutrition and sharing what I learn with my family and co-workers. It has motivated me to be the ‘Best Version of You’, as Coach JC often says.”

Steve would definitely encourage other first responders to join the program. He says, “The coaches will bring you up to speed with the proper technique and form and the encouragement you will receive from the others will build confidence.”

Steve sums up his FFR experience: “I may not look like I have changed a lot physically, but mentally I am more focused than I have been in a long time. I have nothing but positive things to say about the FFR program. I would love to see this program continue in the future, not only for the positive benefits of the participants, but also for the positive benefits that I believe affect their families, co-workers and the citizens of Tulsa that we proudly serve.”

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