These “Over 60” ladies rock Jenks Bootcamp Tulsa!!

Jan 18, 2017 | #Blog, #Fitness, #Homepage

These “Over 60” ladies ROCK Jenks Bootcamp Tulsa. Ruth Ormsby (60) joins her daughter Kim Ward and Linda Wewers (68) joins her daughter Deedra Determan at Bootcamp in Jenks. Sherry Black (61) and Gaylen Howe (65) are the other two members of this “elite” group.

Sherry and Linda have been attending BcT in Jenks for over two years, and Ruth and Gaylen joined last fall. Do these ladies feel like they fit in at Bootcamp Tulsa being older than most of the members? Absolutely they do! Gaylen says, “ I do not feel any discrimination from the younger ladies – everyone encourages everyone to be their best!” Sherry answers this question: “ I’ve never felt any different at my age. I guess when you enjoy the group it is easy. I am very comfortable. They are so friendly.”

Deedra was after Linda for many years to join BcT. They had worked out together when Deedra was in high school doing step aerobics at the gym. Linda felt she would embarrass Deedra and not be able to keep up, but she quickly found a non-judgmental group so encouraging and themselves at all levels of fitness. She explains, “They cheer you on and offer the encouragement that you need. I never feel out of place! Love these girls and coaches!

As for why they come back, Gaylen says, “I don’t ever want to become a ‘couch potato’ when I do completely retire and coming to BcT keeps me motivated. It’s nice to know at my age I can still touch my toes, do modified pushups and run laps without too much trouble.” Sherry likes the support of the group and how she feels all day. She really misses it when she is gone. Linda says, “Workout days are my best days!”

All of these ladies have seen results in the area of better cardio and more muscle tone. Their stamina has increased. They are freely able to modify the exercise if they have a “bad knee” or other problem. Coach JC always makes sure everyone has an exercise to meet her need. Sherry says it has given her more energy and she feels stronger at her golf game. Gaylen says she will never go back to the ‘gym’ scene again.

Gaylen summarizes, “BcT has given me the opportunity to meet some wonderful, inspirational, encouraging, amazing ladies —- not enough adjectives to describe them!! Coach JC always encourages me to do things I haven’t done before and to keep doing them. I have pushed myself to some limits but know I can go farther and improve as time goes on. I LOVE the Christian atmosphere and the closing prayer — never been to a gym that did that!!! I believe my mental attitude has improved – having worked so hard for so many years and suddenly not working fulltime can play games with your mind. Exercise puts my thought processes back in line to be able to handle whatever may happen.”

All ladies are in agreement: “Don’t ever think you are too old to do this! You are as old as you feel. We might not be as fast or able to do as many reps of the exercises as the young ladies, but we ALL get the same encouragement from everyone. Bootcamp will make you feel 20 years younger. The ladies at Bootcamp are loving and caring. Coach JC and his staff are very supportive and encouraging. Come get your energy level up to play with those grandkids!

The “over 60’s” are rocking and here to stay at Bootcamp Tulsa!

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