Thomas Bell found 40 could be the beginning of the best years of his life!

Jul 29, 2015 | #Athletics, #Blog, #Fitness

Thomas Bell is 39 years old and is a Police Captain. He joined FFR in April of this year.

Thomas says, “I truly love that at FFR you are pushed. You are pushed to do more than you think you can. You are pushed to break through the artificial barriers that you create in your mind that keep you from achieving your goals.” Coaches and staff know how to get him to reach deep and surprise himself with his own performance.

He keeps coming back because the workouts evolve. There is no predicting what you may be doing on any given day. This keeps everything new and exciting, and workout boredom does not have a chance to begin. He says, “Nothing is routine at DSD!”

Thomas is seeing his body change. His upper body strength and size are noticeably increasing. His waistline is shrinking. However, the biggest change so far for Thomas is how he feels. The employing of the nutrition plan has all but eliminated his binge cravings that were largely responsible for his lack of healthy eating before starting FFR. His stamina is increasing so rapidly that he can’t believe it. He says, “When I began the warm-up nearly exhausted me. Today was the first workout of week 10, and I was disappointed when we reached the end because I wanted to keep going!”

Thomas says, “I just feel better. I never thought I’d ever truly look forward to heading to the gym and working out, but there is just something different at DSD.” DSD is so much more than just a gym. It is a family that will stop at nothing to help me succeed, and that is making the difference. He adds, “I’m not just getting healthy and fit to make it through the challenge…..I’m starting to really want to live healthy!”

Thomas feels the entire program of being not only fit for duty, but also fit for life has given him an opportunity to take a personal inventory of his life. He is starting to re-think the assumptions he made about inevitable declining health and well-being that many first responders his age believe are unavoidable. He says, “I’ve started to realize that 40 doesn’t have to be the beginning of the end, but instead can be the beginning of the best years of my life.”

His advice to someone considering joining FFR: “Trust. Trust Coach JC when he tells you that you can do things you believe are impossible. Trust the coaches and staff at DSD when they tell you that you have one more pushup in you, or you can run one more sprint or lift a weight just a little heavier than the one you just lifted. Trust that if you take the 10 habits to heart, seeing a positive change is not a possibility; it is inevitable. Trust yourself. Trust that you can improve your health and life, no matter your age, current condition, or fitness history.”

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