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Mar 8, 2017 | #Blog, #Fitness, #Homepage

Tiffani Wyke is 31 years old and a Fit First Responder wife, mamma of two boys ages 9 and 7, and a Home Daycare owner. She has been a part of Bootcamp Tulsa for seven months.

Tiffani shares how she found herself at BcT:

If you ask most anyone who’s known me for very long whether they’d classify Tiffani as a mentally strong, emotionally stable woman who has it all under control… they’d likely reply with a resounding yes. Why? Because they were trained to see that in me. Trained to see the mask I had become so accustomed to wearing. For most of my life, I was all of those things. But certain life experiences had begun to rip it all away at the seams. What these beloved friends did not see, was the Tiffani who cried herself to sleep most every night, the Tiffani who second-guessed herself and her purpose daily. The depressed and self-isolated shell of a woman who hid behind a mask, afraid to let her guard drop for even a second in front of those she kept at arm’s length. That woman had to be strong. At least on the outside…a façade which hid her true insecurities.

One day, my husband, Nick, came home after his FFR class with a personal invitation for me to try Bootcamp Tulsa from Coach JC. My husband and JC both knew I needed BcT. I, however, knew I wouldn’t commit. I hadn’t committed long-term to any gym or workout program thus far in my life, so of course this one would be much the same. However, I was having an especially stressful day that day so I accepted his invitation. I figured it would be useful to help me blow off steam that one evening.

Wouldn’t you know…I cried the whole way home after….different kind of cry, however than the cries which lulled me to sleep night after night. This cry was a cry of hope. I knew right away it was no coincidence I was invited here. This is where I belonged. This positive and uplifting atmosphere, I would immerse myself in over the following months, desperate to connect myself to this tribe of passionate women, led by the most energetic and compassion-filled coaches. I found home.

They say iron sharpens iron, and you know what? They’re right. I owe so much to Coach JC and Jodi, Coach Isaac, and all my BA sweat sisters for creating this environment. This is an environment which calls out and brings forth the greatness inside me….an environment which celebrates me, supports me, sees the best in me, and empowers me to become the greatest version of myself with their endless shouts of… “You got this, Tiffani!” “You are strong!” “Great job! You did it!”

Through these short seven months with BcT, I am beyond proud to say I’m finding that old Tiffani again….the long-lost self who was confident. ..the one who was sure of herself…the one who was strong…mentally…physically…emotionally…spiritually.

It may be true that I have yet to completely overcome all those previous life challenges I’d been dealt. I’m certain the road ahead will be filled with new obstacles I have yet to encounter on this journey of life, but what a remarkable feeling to be able to meet these challenges with the love and support of a strong tribe. I can greet each day with a smile. I can say confidently that Bootcamp Tulsa is one tool the Lord is using to mold me into the Proverbs 31 woman He’s called me to be. The one who is, “clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” (Proverbs 31:25 NLT)

If you are a woman who feels like I did… depressed, isolated, hopeless, if you feel utterly down and out… let me be the first to assure you you’re not alone, and you don’t have to be anymore. There’s a group of women right here ready and able to welcome you in and help show you what you’re capable of. They’ll lift you up when you don’t feel like you’ve got anything left to lift up. They will call out and bring forth the greatest version of YOU that you can be.

Join us and I promise you will see for yourself that whatever life is dealing you, You got this, girl!!

When you think you’re not strong enough…You are strong!!

And at the end of the day when you’ve given your all, you will be able to lie your head on your pillow, fist pump the air and tell yourself… Great job! I did it!

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