Chad Newton achieved unexpected and highly motivating results at Strong Men!

Chad Newton is 40 years old and is a construction sales representative for Meridian Brick. Chad’s wife encouraged him to join Dynamic Sports Development  Strong Men shortly after she started attending Bootcamp Tulsa three months ago. Chad played team sports all through school, and since then he has been in and out of “the gym” for nearly 20 years. He shares why he likes strong men:…

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Wesley Anderson love the challenge of FFR!

Wesley Anderson is 31 years old and is a Tulsa Police Officer. He has been going to Fit First Responders about one and a half years. Wesley loves the challenge of FFR. He says, “Every time I show up, I know I will be pushed to my limit in one way or another. I Love that and the longer I go, the harder I work…

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Shawn Caudle says the competition at FFR is Friendly but Serious!

Shawn Caudle is 23 years old and is an Army Guard/Construction (working on getting on at Skiatook or Claremore Police Department.) He has been a part of Fit First Responders for a little over three months. Shawn’s favorite aspect of FFR is that he loves the competition between everyone at FFR. He says, “It is friendly but serious! Nothing beats the atmosphere of FFR.” What…

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Amanda Dunn found a new outlook of taking care of herself at FFR!

Amanda Dunn is 34 yeas old (turning 35 in July) and is a Fire and Police Dispatcher at Tulsa 911. She has been a part of Fit First Responders since October 2016. Amanda’s absolute favorite thing about FFR is the motivation from the coaches. She adds, “And the camaraderie that makes you want to come back!” The coaches , the camaraderie, and of course the results…

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Mike Reed has lost 50 pounds so far!

Mike Reed is 50 years old and is a 28-year veteran of the Sapulpa Police Department. He holds the rank of Major and serves as the commander of the Detective Division. He joined Fit  First Responders  in October 2015. After six months, Mike lost 36 pounds. He then quit in May of 2016 and gained 38 pounds back. He rejoined in October of 2016. Mike…

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Jeff Whitfield lost 80 pounds and found amazing motivation and support at FFR!

Jeff Whitfield is 41 years old and is a Deputy Sheriff. He has been apart of Fit Fist Responders since October 2016. Jeff’s favorite aspect of FFR: “The whole program works. My favorite part is the motivation and support system in place with the coaches and other first responders in the program. It’s what I like to call my Motivational Fitness Family.” The camaraderie and…

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Lisa FitzGerald wouldn’t trade her FFR Tribe for anything!

Lisa FitzGerald is 35 years old and has been a Medic with Emergency Medical Services Authority for eight years. She has been a part of Fit First responders since November of 2015. Lisa has been in the emergency medical field for 12 years. Four of those years were spent in the Emergency Room, and the past eight at EMSA. In her 12 years of experience…

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Finish Strong!

“FINISH STRONG!” I put together a WINNING WORD OF THE DAY so you can WIN. The word for today is FINISH STRONG.. FINISH WHAT YOU START IN LIFE   There are things in life that we started that we never actually finished: * Relationship * Job * Career * Physical Body Maybe you put life on cruise control because you didn’t see results you wanted….

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Michelle Bristle was able to get off depression medications when she joined BcT!

Michelle lost 15 pounds and 2 sizes in her first year at BcT. Do you want to WIN more in Your Fitness, Nutrition & Life? Who Loves Ya? I Do! WIN ALL DAY! Coach JC If you enjoyed this post, we would be honored if you share this goodness with some of your friends and family using one of those social media sharing buttons below……

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Greg Ostrum loses 45 pounds and finds a new lifestyle at FFR!

Greg Ostrum turned 40 on January 30. He is the Assistant Chief of Jenks Fire Rescue and started Fit First Responders on February 14, 2016. His Valentine Anniversary is soon…great Valentine present to himself! Greg’s favorite aspect of FFR is the passion of the coaches and the selfless pouring out of their knowledge and caring into each class. He explains, “They know when to push…

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